Tooth-Colored Fillings

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Tooth – Colored Fillings

Untreated cavities and minor fractures can lead to significant issues over time. Previously, metal restorations known as amalgam fillings (or silver fillings) were commonly used but often caused tooth discoloration and strain due to the metal’s wedging effect. Nowadays, tooth-colored composite resins seamlessly blend with the tooth structure and form a strong, long-lasting restoration when chemically bonded to the tooth.

Composite fillings serve both functional and aesthetic purposes simultaneously. For instance, a cavity near the gum line visible in your smile can be addressed by delicately removing the discolored area and replacing it with a tooth-colored filling, restoring the tooth’s function and enhancing its appearance.

Dental bonding is another option, especially for back teeth instead of traditional “silver fillings.” During routine exams, areas of decay on teeth are identified and conservatively removed, followed by restoring the tooth with a bonded, tooth-colored filling. Utilizing specific techniques, we match existing shades to create seamless restorations.